Apprentice Opportunities at Foresolutions!

Apprentice Opportunities

Exciting Apprentice Opportunities at Foresolutions

Job Role:      

Your role will be to learn and utilise the skills taught to grow and maintain the Foresolutions portfolio of products.

You will learn the sales process from start to finish including cold calling, conducting sales meetings, sales administration and retention.


  • Research prospective new accounts
  • Maintain existing accounts and build on customer relationships
  • Lead Generation
  • Online Sales / e-commerce management
  • Perform calling activity to identify new customers and opportunities
  • Build strong inter-personal skills
  • Provide support for sales systems
  • Working together with the Sales Manager & Managing Director
  • Develop time management skills to help manage varying tasks and responsibilities
  • Study for, and complete on time, the Level 3 Diploma in Sales

Working Conditions: Full-time

Qualifications and experience:

No previous experience of sales is necessary but applicants should have good communication and organisational skills together with good basic computer skills and a willingness to learn.


Progression is based on performance and success in the role but there are opportunities of promotion and full time employment


£577 per month + Commission

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An Apprenticeship is a work-based training programme.

It provides the learner with practical skills through on-the-job training combined with theoretical knowledge through off-the-job learning.

For someone looking to enter a career in the Automotive Tracking or Two-Way Radio Hire Industry, an Apprenticeship is an ideal way of doing so.

An apprenticeship gives the learner the best of both worlds, learning and working, enabling them to earn money whilst gaining qualifications.

The Government has recently announced plans to further expand apprenticeships in the UK by increasing the number of employers involved from 130,000 to 400,000 by 2020.

To help meet these targets, spending on Apprenticeships will increase to around £2 billion by 2016/17.

So with more focus, support and funds in place for Apprenticeships, there has never been a better time to take one up.


Apprenticeship programmes are available in all four nations of the United Kingdom; England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, however they do vary slightly from nation to nation.