Public WiFi

Provide Easy Free Public WiFi To Your Customers

No complicated passwords to share, just quick and simple Social WiFi guest access.

ForeEvents offers public WiFi technology – perfect for events / exhibitions or locations such as harbours, shopping centres, museums, hotels etc. No one goes anywhere without their SmartPhone, in today's world people demand WiFi access whatever they go!

Don't disappoint you customers, offer great WiFi speeds to get them connected!

Marketing Tool / Data Gathering

By offering complementary public WiFi you automatically capture contact data, boost your social media following and generate good will from your customers.

It's really this simple:

  • Simple login process – no passwords

  • Gain Facebook and Twitter Followers

  • Increase your social reach.

  • Automatically email your customers

  • Data capture and export

  • Monetise your Free WiFi with Social WiFi


  • Increase Your Sales – Use the in-built tools of our Social WiFi to automatically send out incentives to your customers, attracting them to your business to spend money.

  • Grow your email list – Quickly and easily export your captured data via a CSV download to use on any email platform of your choice

  • Save time on marketing – Bring your customers back to your venue with automated messages and incentives

  • Increase your social audience – Gain genuine Facebook Likes, Twitter & Instagram followers

  • More money in the bank – More people, visiting more often, spending more money