Site Testing and On-Location Support

At ForeEvents we ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible, in which case we offer the full event package incorporating the following:

  • Site Testing

A preliminary site coverage test will expose all potential coverage issues prior to the event and allow ForeEvents to put suitable measures in place.

  • System Design

Further to a site test, ForeEvents will design a suitable system to meet the needs of your event and give you the best possible coverage.

  • Frequency Management

ForeEvents will liaise with Ofcom prior to and during your event to ensure all legal requirements are adhered to and also to prevent interference.

  • Radio Programming

Our highly trained staff will program your radios to your exact requirements and can be on hand during events to make any changes.

  • Radio Distribution;

ForeEvents personnel will distribute your radio fleet on site, ensuring that all equipment is properly signed out to individuals and tracked via serial number recognition, thus relieving you of this burden.

  • Base Station Operators 

Highly trained radio base station operators can assist you with the smooth running of your event, ensuring professionalism at all times on the communications network.

Site testing and on-location support from Foresolutions and Event Communications