Crossrail and Foresolutions on the Same Track!

Foresolutions has been working in partnership with Crossrail on Europe’s largest construction project!

42 kilometres of new Crossrail tunnels have been constructed beneath the busy streets of London by huge tunnel boring machines.

Crossrail tunnelling began in the summer of 2012 and ended at Farringdon with the break through of tunnelling machine Victoria. Eight 1,000 tonne tunnelling machines have bored 26 miles or 42 km of new 6.2m diameter rail tunnels under London.

Crossrail is the first complete new underground line in more than 30 years. It is one of the most ambitious transport construction projects undertaken in London since the original Paddington to Farringdon section of the Underground opened in 1863 or the deep-level Tube boom of the early 1900s which saw the construction of the Bakerloo, Central and Piccadilly lines.

Foresolutions has been predominantly aiding the lifting team, which specialise in lifting the tunnel machines in and out of place.

Crossrail and Foresolutions

Providing communication both above and underground also at the drilling face is a challenge given the harsh environments, however we have kept the team in seamless communication throughout the project, by providing support and maintenance for all the radio equipment.

Lee Bartley, from Crossrail comments, “I have found the Foresolutions team to be extremely professional and courteous throughout.

Their recommendations on equipment and the subsequent supply had a significant impact on the construction project as a whole. Allowing our teams to carry out their work under the knowledge that communications wasn’t an issue.

In fact, on this particular project; equipment maintenance was a key consideration and Foresolutions were highly responsive, exceeded expectations with regard to repair times and overall were a reliable supplier”.