Digital Voice Recording

Digital Voice Recording

The Digital Voice Recording System is a cost effective solution to providing authentic recordings of radio traffic incorporating user-friendly software and electronic storage via a PC.
Digital Voice Recording allows you to record up to 17,000 hours of radio transmissions. This feature will cover all (unseen) eventualities during your operational day, especially those occurrences that need future reviewing.
An ideal solution for security and reviewing any issues that may occur during your event.
Implementing DVRS makes your people accountable, preventing any internal security issues you may have and giving you more control over your network and its usage.

Digital Voice Recording Features

  • Single or Multi-channel UHF, VHF/Marine Band
  • Standard 2 channels or 8 channel Formats
  • Voice activated
  • Remote monitoring live over a network or internet
  • Signal Processing and advanced audio compression
  • Can record up to 2 years audio on 32GB hard drive.
  • Sort recordings by date and channel
  • Save recordings as wav. files, email or write to CD
  • Mirror recordings to backup drive
  • Record up to 32 channels simultaneously using additional PCI interface cards
  • Continuous Recording 24 hours a day (or optional date-time scheduling)
  • Automatic uploads of recordings to FTP server for web or internet access
  • Automatically send recordings to an email address in the background
  • Discreet phone line recording

Digital Voice Recording Applications

  • Security Control
  • Event Management
  • Airfield Communications
  • Marine communications
  • Local authority
  • Radio station program logging
  • Remote audio monitoring
  • Telephone line recording
  • Training applications

Our Radio call logger equipment is designed and built on our unique LR04 Platform* by highly trained engineers, providing reliability and limited maintenance requirements.

*LR04 Platform is a 1 U Rack or desk mounted system which can be configured to encompass radio channel recording, single or multi channel base station operations as well as link and cross band interfacing.