Tracking Insurance Partnership Creates Total Package! Foretrack Complete

Tracking Insurance Partnership
Are insurance premiums causing you a headache?

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with one of the UK’s leading insurance companies, meaning we can GUARANTEE savings for our Foretrack customers on their insurance premiums! Tracking Insurance Partnership

Foretrack customers already receive incredible benefits, but now we can prepare bespoke insurance packages to further provide savings.

Our Foretrack systems offer you the very best web-based GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management, giving you control over the key aspects of your mobile fleet.

  • Driver behaviour monitoring – including our traffic light system to alert you of hazardous drivers so you can reduce incidents
  • Cost savings – use efficient routes to save fuel costs and maximise your fleets usage
  • Geo-fencing – as well as the ability to remotely turn off vehicles to guard against theft
  • Bespoke reports – delivery times, driver incidents, create your own dashboard!
  • Compliance – don’t be caught off guard when servicing, MOT’s and general maintenance issues need attention
  • Not to mention the eco benefits of reducing CO2 emissions!

All this and now we’ve worked hard to prepare the total fleet solution for you, by incorporating insurance, we’re saving you money in the short, medium and long term.

 We GUARANTEE savings across your vehicle fleet and would be happy to prove this! Get in touch today and one of our team can talk you through the overall benefits of being a Foretrack customer.

Becoming a Foretrack customer couldn’t be easier; we take the hassle away from you by preparing a bespoke proposal designed to save you money and put you back in charge of your fleet.

What are you waiting for? Start managing your fleet instead of your fleet managing you! Take control in more ways than one with Foretrack.

Tracking Insurance Partnership from Foresolutions.

Tracking Insurance Partnership. We Guarantee we can save you money!

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