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Foretrack Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking GPS Tracking of all your vehicles.

The Foretrack online system and associated products deliver outstanding quality and value.  Our growing reputation for high quality service and rapidly expanding customer base serve testament to this.

Foresolutions is a fully integrated service provider, importantly we have complete control over the development of the system you are investing in. This means that you (through the dealer channel) have direct access to the provider and will benefit from our constant innovations.

Foresolutions is offered to you through our extensive dealer network ensuring that you get the local customer service that you both deserve and expect. Our dealers are comprehensively trained to ensure that your queries are handled quickly and effectively. The dealers are supported via the dedicated Foretrack customer services and technical team based in Southampton, Hants.

We believe in a partnership approach and not a quick sale, we aim to manage your account and ensure you get the most from the Foretrack system. These are not just words, check out our case studies to see what we can do for you.

Tracking System Features

Complete, real time control of your vehicle fleet

Live, web-based vehicle tracking to control your mobile workforce from any internet enabled device.

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reduce-costsReduce the costs of running your vehicles

Reduce your fuel costs with full reports on vehicle trips, speeds and idle time.

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improve-efficiencyImprove efficiency with state of the art tracking

Up to date mapping and tracking software tells you exactly where your workforce are.

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enhance-securityEnhance your employees safety and security

Increase the safety and security of your employees with a remote or hard wired panic button.

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Improve customer service and satisfaction

Find your nearest vehicle to a customer and allocate jobs to reduce your customers waiting time.

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The global positioning system (GPS) consists of 24 operational satellites (with several spares) orbiting the earth at an altitude of approximately 11,000 miles. The satellites orbit the earth twice per day in a pattern which ensures that at least 4 satellites can be viewed from the earth at any position any time of the day. Typically however between 5 and 7 satellites may be in view.

These satellites broadcast signals which are analysed by GPS receivers on the earth. The signals carry information such as the satellite identifier, it’s position, and an extremely accurate date and time (derived from an on board atomic

clock). GPS receivers on the ground use the signal from at least 4 satellites to determine their own position with an accuracy of around 10 to 20 metres.

The foretrack GPS receiver also contains a GSM GPRS device inside (much like that found inside a mobile phone). This allows the receiver to transmit its information from the receiver back to the host server in real time via the internet.

The foretrack GPS receiver also calculates a variety of fleet management information (speed, heading, distance, idling, driver behavior) which is transmitted along with the vehicle location tracking information.

Why you should use the Foretrack tracking system

Do you know where your drivers are right now?

Foretrack is a truly live, real time vehicle tracking system providing you with more updates for your money. Log on to our web based system, and you can see exactly where your vehicles are at that second!

Can you accurately validate overtime and working hour sheets?

No longer rely on manually produced overtime or working hour sheets, Foretrack’s easy to use reports will provide all that information and more.

Can you prove to your customer when your vehicles arrived at their site?

The ability to prove when your vehicle arrived at a particular location is becoming ever more important. The Foretrack real time vehicle tracking system will not only do this but can also automatically generate an alert to your customer when a vehicle arrives at their site.

Are you allocating the most appropriate vehicle to each job?

Foretrack improves operating efficiency by helping you manage your vehicle fleet which will not only reduce operating costs but also have a positive effect on customer service.

Could your fuel bills be reduced?

Foretrack plots exact journey snail trails so you can make sure your vehicles are driving the most effective routes. Foretrack will also tell you when unnecessary journeys or diversions are occurring and whether drivers are burning excess fuel through speeding, heavy breaking or extreme acceleration.

Are your vehicles where they should be?

Using the Foretrack live update function and graphical displays you will know the location of your vehicles are and what they are up to.

Could you increase the number of jobs completed each day?

Foretrack has helped to generate increased revenue through better efficiency. Cutting out unnecessary mileage and knowing where all of your vehicles are, in real time, throughout the day may enable an increase in the number of jobs completed.

Are your vehicles or drivers at risk of criminal activity and does this effect your insurance premiums?

Foretrack will on average reduce your insurance premium by approximately 10% and greatly increases the chance of recovering a stolen vehicle. The safety of your employees is also improved as you always know where they are.

“The implementation of the Foretrack solution has provided cost effective and extremely simple to drive solutions for our needs, as well as some extra bonuses we had not expected!”

Peter Baulch – Carford Group Ltd

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