Asset Tracking System

Portable High Sensitivity GPS Asset Tracking

Do you need to track high value goods without the complication of wired installations and external antennas?

Foretrack Portable tracking provides high sensitivity GPS/GPRS tracking which allows surveillance of high value goods, cargos or vehicles anywhere in the world. High sensitivity GPS, through the use of an internal antenna, enables operation in environments where it was not previously possible, including locations where a direct sky view is not available.

Foretrack portable tracking devices are compact, self contained and easy to conceal, perfect for covert installation.

The integrated antennas and battery make Foretrack portable tracking highly reliable, enabling users to both enhance existing telematic applications and enable new business concepts to be realised. Foretrack offer two portable tracking devices, which both provide the following unique capabilities:

  • High sensitivity GPS for operation in low signal strength environments
  • GSM/GPRS tri-band communications for affordable global operation
  • Rechargeable battery for long-term operation when disconnected from power
  • Compact and easily installed with self-contained antennas
  • Zero installation costs and high reliability
Alarms may be set on battery level, target movement, breach of geo-fence or load parameters*. Reports are sent using low cost GPRS although fall-back to SMS (text) is possible.