CANbus Driver and Vehicle Details Retrieval

CANbus provides a mechanism for interfacing with the onboard vehicle telematics to retrieve both driver and vehicle details. Our service supports both FMS CANbus (J1939), commonly found on Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), and EOBD CANbus (J1979) which is often available on European cars manufactured after 2004 and Light Goods Vehicles (LGVs) manufactured after 2000.


CANbus (FMS and EOBD) recording can provide a wealth of information relating to vehicle operation and performance. We have targeted several useful areas and turned them into real world business performance indicators. These are detailed below.

Rather than simply streaming CANbus information into the service, we use the relevant device to compile detailed journey statistics which can provide more meaningful information. As the device compiles this information, it means that data which may only available between device to service tranmisssions will be captured, rather than being lost when compared against devices that only send current information during journeys at periodic intervals. This has the added benefit of reducing communication costs.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel usage is one of the most variable areas in road transport which has a direct impact on cost. Our system is able to monitor fuel consumption on a vehicle and a driver basis.

The CANbus Fuel report shows details fuel usage.

Summary Overview

A CANbus fleet overview screen display summary information for several vehicles.

The information available on this screen includes:

  • Fuel used
  • Consumption today
  • Average speed today
  • Maximum speed today
  • Average RPM today
  • Maximum RPM today
  • Average throttle today
  • Current fuel level
  • Current odometer
  • Service due