Intelligent Telematics – Dash Cam for Fleets

Foresolutions is delighted to be announced as a channel partner for Intelligent Telematics.

IT Telematics Piece

Intelligent Telematics™ supply the only 3G camera in Europe to carry the E1 mark of approval for the after market installation to European manufactured vehicles.

The IT1000™ device is a German manufactured, robust device with a built in modem which enables operators to view full HD video footage of incidents affecting their vehicles which have breached a pre-set g-force threshold.

The IT1000™ device, which is the core product of Intelligent Telematics™ enables operators to avoid all the pitfalls associated with pure SD card based cameras. The device:

  • Notifies the operator by email when an incident has occurred. No need to rely on your drivers telling the Fleet Manager that they have had an own-fault incident.
  • Does not require manual reformatting of the SD card which can be a huge time burden on Fleet Managers.
  • Notifies the Operator of incidents of tampering, whether they relate to an SD card or Sim card being removed or the device being removed from the vehicle screen mount.
  • Sends video footage relating to high g-force threshold breaches automatically so Operators can respond immediately and minimise insurance claim costs and avoid disputed claims.

Intelligent Telematics specialises in the research, design, development, manufacturing, sales and support of a range of technologically advanced vehicle camera devices offering 3G connectivity, tracking functionality and insurance approved FNOL.

The only device approved by the European Union for after-market installation to EU vehicles.

Incident notification to your PC/Laptop/Tablet/Phone within minutes of them happening to your fleet on the road.

Full HD video footage of any incidents delivered to your PC/Laptop/Tablet within moments, allowing you and your insurer to respond quickly to significantly minimise costs.

In use by some of the UKs largest Claims Management providers and insurers.

Viewing platform software enabling you to view the video alongside a map of the exact location of any incidents – get help to your drivers quickly and accurately.

Optional tracking platform, enabling you to reduce your telematics spend.

Local support throughout the UK.

Aggregated data plans meaning you can budget properly for the cost without any unexpected data charges.

Proven to reduce insurance claim costs, thereby reducing your risk factor and your premiums.

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