Business Calls Over WiFi

At Foresolutions we advise on the most appropriate software to make calls and texts over WiFi – therefore free and not eating into your download limit or minutes.

What Is WiFi Calling?

Instead of using your network connection, you will connect to voice calls using the WiFi you have at home, work, or using whatever WiFi hotspot you happen to be on when you're out and about. In every other way it's like a normal call though — you still use normal phone numbers.

Why Do I Want That?

The main benefit is for making calls when you have no phone signal. If you live out in the countryside, for example, and find it difficult to get phone signal, you can make calls and send texts using your home Internet connection instead. The same applies for when you're working remotely and the signal is too poor for a call, but can connect to the bar's Wi-Fi.

We can advise on the most appropriate ways of utilising calls over WiFi, especially for optimum business usage.