Kenwood is a leading developer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and communications equipment. Founded in Japan in 1947, Kenwood Corporation is renowned by consumers and industry professionals around the world for providing products of the highest design, quality, performance, and value.

Today Kenwood continues to take a leading role in developing market-driven products and operates as one of the largest manufacturers of personal entertainment and communications equipment in the world with sales offices and distributors in many countries. It is a central Kenwood belief to listen to the market and develop exacting products that address customers’ needs at the highest possible value.

About Kenwood NEXEDGE® Digital Two-Way Radio

When Kenwood introduced its NEXEDGE® range of advanced digital two-way radios in 2008 it was the first system to offer both Mixed Mode (the ability to communicate with both analogue and digital handsets automatically, without manual switching) and trunked radio communication capability.

Built on the solid foundations of over 30 years success in the design and manufacture of analogue two-way radios, Kenwood NEXEDGE® equipment employs state of the art digital voice processing technology to ensure clear voice quality and reliability, even in the noisiest of environments and digital encryption to allow for complete protection against casual eavesdropping.

Simple, cost effective migration to Digital Two-Way Radio

All NEXEDGE® equipment can communicate with existing analogue radios, either terminal to terminal, as a system, or even as a multi-site trunked network. This provides a cost effective and controlled solution to customers migrating from an analogue system to the proven advantages of digital.

Award Winning Performance

Winner of the Innovation in Business Radio Award at the 2010 Federation of Communications Services AGM, NEXEDGE® has been designed to deliver the safety, security, efficiency, performance and future-proofing that the market demands from leading edge digital two-way radio communications.

NEXEDGE®, proven performance in EMEA

Since its launch in 2008, Kenwood’s NEXEDGE® professional digital two-way walkie talkie hand portable sets, mobile in-vehicle units and repeaters have been deployed in installations across Europe, Middle East and Africa in market sectors ranging from event management and motorsport to highway maintenance and shopping centres and from private security to airport operations.

Many new and existing customers have found the increased coverage, in-built features, enhanced functions, ease of use and robustness of NEXEDGE® digital radio equipment delivers the safety, security and operational benefits they seek from their communications systems today and into the future.

NEXEDGE® digital provides outstanding performance in 12.5kHz and 6.25kHz configurations which also means that system capacity can be easily expanded while its dual analogue/digital Mixed Mode feature ensures that any NEXEDGE® radio can, unlike some other brands, communicate automatically with existing analogue radios whatever the make; providing a straightforward and economical migration path to the benefits of digital.

The installed base of NEXEDGE® digital two-way radio in EMEA is growing daily and the chart below illustrates the locations of just some of the systems.