PW Gates

The Client

PW Gates is a Hertfordshire based logistics business, encompassing two large warehousing sites, cross docking and an 80 strong fleet of vehicles and trailers.


fleet routing and mileage. The Foretrack system relays instant location information to ensure trailers are easily located and accounted for. The correct asset location information has been invaluable in ensuring time sheets are correct ­ this in itself helps the staff to focus on other business priorities.

With over 100 employees and a turnover in excess of

£8.3 million, PW Gates rely on Foretrack to help them control their trailer fleet, whilst also providing two­way radio hire for their large scale operations.


PW Gates implemented Foretrack trailer tracking In December 2015 across 95% of their trailer fleet. The challenge was understanding each day where their trailers were and making sure they had enough capacity to cope with their increasing work load. Since implementing trailer tracking PW Gates have saved

£25,000 per year direct cost, improved customer service and improved the utilisation and efficiency of the trailer fleet by 85%.

“The Foretrack system is priceless! The return on investment in the first year has been approx 23 times, I am about to implement this on the rest of the fleet and continue to work with the team at Foresolutions using technology to improve our business”.


 Additional Services

PW Gates also utilises the rest of the Foresolutions product range. Their two warehousing sites have a combined size of 162,000 sg ft and with a large mobile workforce operating Nationwide, they require cost effective and reliable mobile handsets. Foresolutions analysed the requirement and created a bespoke network solution for PW Gates to ensure cost effectiveness with regard to data usage and voice calls. Foresolutions also advised upon initiating best practise, where WiFi calls are enabled in order to further reduce costs.


The Foretrack system also helps PW Gates to schedule servicing and maintenance by tracking the

“PW Gates represent a great partnership with Foresolutions, by integrating with their operation we can help cost savings across the board and truly understand their exact requirements.”