Our Summer Sizzler offer includes commitment to the £10.99 monthly air time contract.

The AT200 is based on the very latest technology, but with a careful eye on cost! Like our other devices, the AT200 has a Cortex M3 Processor, SiRFStar IV GPS, 3-axis accelerometer, internal back-up battery and advanced power/battery management. With compact dimensions, integrated antennas, LED status indicators and externally accessible SIM, the AT200 is simple to install and inconspicuous in appearance.

At a glance 

  •  Compact and fully integrated device – one box solution
  •  Very low idle power consumption – virtually zero battery drain on a parked vehicle
  •  SiRFStar IV GPS with 10mm ceramic patch antenna
  •  SIM800H GSM/GPRS/Bluetooth modem
  •  Internal back-up battery, 900mAh
  •  GPRS TCP or UDP mode reporting
  •  3 axis MEMS based accelerometer for driver behaviour reporting + motion detection
  •  Mechanical tremble sensor
  •  2 digital inputs
  •  1 digital output switch using MOSFET
  •  1 RS232 serial port
  •  iButton (Dallas Key) input for driver ID
  •  Bluetooth based driver ID and driver authorisation / immobilisation
  •  Status LED indicators for GSM and GPS
  •  Simple and flexible user configuration by ASCII terminal, SMS or GPRS
  •  Over the air firmware update – fast and reliable, typically 2-3 minutes to complete
  •  Simple and efficient reporting protocols – to minimise airtime usage and cost
  •  SON8 / QFN8 M2M SIM option
  •  5 year warranty included as standard

Further information can be found by clicking this link (PDF) Foretrack AT200 data sheet

For more information contact a member of our account management team on 023 80 249 860 or email