Reduce Costs

Many of our customers discover our system helps them reduce their costs significantly, and the payback period can be quite short meaning it pays for itself sooner. Here are some of the areas where we can help you cut costs.

Lower Fuel Consumption

One of the biggest variable costs for a multi-vehicle business is fuel. By using our fuel based reports, you can identify vehicles with higher than normal consumption. Often businesses then change these for more fuel efficient vehicles, or investigate why the consumption is so high.

Combining this with our driver based reports, you can highlight drivers that would benefit from driver training courses that specialise in fuel efficiency.

According to the AA, driving a typical passenger car at 70mph uses up to 9% more fuel than driving at 60mph, and up to 15% more than driving at 50mph. Cruising at 80mph can use up to 25% more fuel than at 70mph, as well exceeding the legal limits on UK roads.

Our service can monitor for excessive speeds on vehicles and help you identify problem areas quickly.

Excessive idling on vehicles can also increase fuel consumption unnecessarily. Our service can report on this in real time and also detail all excessive idling events on a journey report.

Identify Excess

Large trailer organisations can often misplace assets. It is not unknown for trailer bodies to be left idle for 6 months or more, as they are left at the wrong location for a short time and simply forgotten about.

As a result, you have an under-utilised base, requiring more trailers to keep deliveries running to time.

By using our trailer utilisation report, you can identify under-utilised trailers and either redeploy them or sell them on.

The same applies to regular fleet vehicles too. Using our vehicle utilisation report, you can identify under-utilised vehicles and either assign them a greater share of the workload (decreasing delivery times for your customers) or sell them on (reducing vehicle depreciation, insurance and maintenance costs).

Monitor Mileage

HMRC requires businesses to keep proper business mileage records.

Reimbursing any business mileage in excess of the actual business cost incurred can expose your organisation to Income tax and Class 1 NICs liability. If your business were to reimburse the cost of non-business related mileage, the problem is worse.

Our service can be configured to require the driver to identify themselves and at the same time, nominate the journey as either business or personal. This benefits both the organisation and the driver. The organisation keeps automatic records with the minimum overhead. The driver doesn’t have to fill in time-consuming paperwork.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance is a key cost for fleets these days. We have partnered with several insurance companies and organisations that can work with your business to reduce insurance premiums, achieving an approximate 10% saving on average.

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