Safe & Reliable Route Planning

A fully customisable solution 

Do you operate a fleet of large sized vehicles (e.g double decker buses, abnormal loads) and have issues finding routes that avoid low bridges and other hazards?


  • Forerouting, by Foresolutions, is designed for public transport and private logistics companies that require dynamic route planning designed to find the most suitable route for large vehicles.
  • Running on Android OS, the app can run on any android tablet or phone installed in the cab.

Keep your fleet running safely along routes suitable for their size and avoid hazards caused by low bridges and other route restrictions.

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Driver In-app Experience

Vehicle Data Input

Customised Vehicle Data Input

Pre-populate the vehicle’s dimensions, or select dynamically by the driver or administrator. The application allows the dynamic addition of any obstacles currently not in the database (e.g. artificially narrowed roads, low hanging trees).

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Dynamic Route Configuration

Destinations can be pre-entered, or entered by the driver right before the trip starts. Forerouting calculates the best route based on the dimension of the vehicle, then acts like a typical sat nav to give turn by turn instructions to the driver.

Real time route data

Real-Time Route Data Straight To Drivers

Our cloud-based portal actively tracks vehicles in exactly the same way as a traditional fleet tracking application. It also provides reports of historic trips and allows routes to be stored and dynamically pushed to the driver.

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Users overview

Operating System & Typical Use Cases

  • Running on Android OS, the app can run on any android tablet or phone installed in the cab.  
  • Users are configured so different reporting and admin functions can be controlled individually for compliance purposes.
  • Typical use cases include route planning for bus rail replacement services. A large London based bus operator uses Forerouting, for its own and Agency drivers, when operating rail replacement services.

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