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Most businesses require a robust communication solution, as this is one of many tools that can make them more efficient. Foresolutions are specialists in the design, supply and installation of onsite business radio systems for Day/Night Guarding and Facilities management across a wide range of sectors. 

At Foresolutions we offer businesses free onsite consultations so you can rest assured the solution we design will be fit for purpose. We are experienced providers for Two Way Radio in the UK.


We believe in a partnership approach and not a quick sale. Our team is experienced in all things two-way radio and Push To Talk Over Cellular (PTToC). Our objective is to ensure you get the most from your radio solution from us.

Traditional Two-Way Radio vs Push To Talk Over Cellular (PTToC)

The two main options for your core communications are traditional two-way radio or newer 4G cellular radios, often referred to as either PTToC, PoC, LTE or push to talk. The main difference is that radio uses a closed network using repeaters to provide coverage, whilst PTToC or PoC radio uses devices with a SIM card that uses your mobile network or a local WiFi network to provide connectivity. Both have their pros and cons. Below we discuss some of the key considerations when deciding which tech is best for you:

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Two-way radio can work point to point with themselves or for wider area networks will need their own repeater infrastruture. With PTToC the reach could be national and even international, but only if there is network or WiFi coverage.

Single Failure Point


Radio repeaters can fail, which then means the whole system is down. Possible failures on PTToC could be mobile coverage or problems with the WiFi network, but you are generally less likely to have a single point of failure.

Major Incidents


Radio networks generally stay working, mobile networks can get saturated or shut down by the emergency services, however if you have a WiFi signal this will act as a backup.



PTToC devices do come with the ability to use most Apps your workforce may need to access. This can still be done on a higher tech radio system, but the functionality works particulalrly well with PTToC.

Our approach:


  • Flexible contracts
  • Single point of contact for account management
  • Leading technology form the best manufacturers in the business 
  • Hytera direct partner
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Site surveys 
  • Complete communications consultation
  • Unbiased advice from years of experience

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“We have been very impressed with the service provided by the Foresolutions team. The products supplied increase the radio coverage across Castlepoint ensuring that our security staff and retailers have constant open communications with each other.”

Peter Matthews – Managing Director – Castlepoint, Bournemouth

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Should I Upgrade?

Until recent years there was only really the choice between two-way radio & mobile, with the key concern being analogue to digital migration. We now have Push To Talk Over Cellular (PTToC) that’s joined the party.

To Upgrade or Not?

Digital Radio Technology

Digital Radio Technology

This technology provides radio users with more performance, productivity and value without the use of repeaters.

If you've not yet made the leap from analogue, talk to us today about the benefits digital technology can bring.

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Cellular Radios (PTToC/PoC)

Now we can offer customers even more enhanced functionality with push to talk over cellular. As the name suggests, these devices use WiFi or a mobile network to connect.

Two-Way Radio Networks

Two-Way Radio Networks

We can configure a variety of radio networks to suit your requirement, ranging from basic repeater systems to 16 channel trunked modules.

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