Critical Infrastructure Solutions

Our solutions span business communications, asset tracking and lone worker support . All can be used independently or together to overcome many common, yet disruptive, operational challenges.

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We provide solutions to support industry sectors such as Utilities, Civil Engineering, Housing Associations, Facitlies Management and Retail.

At Foresolutions we work across a variety of industry sectors and businesses of all sizes to solve their critical infrastructure operational problems with a range of communications and asset tracking applications.

Our customers enjoy a full appraisal of their existing infrastructure and benefit from an indepth analysis of where solutions can be deployed to help improve customer experience, facilities management, asset tracking, asset utilisation, team communications, safety and compliance.

Here are just a few of the different technologies and hardware we have in our armoury to strengthen your business infrastructure:

  • Two-way radios
  • Body cams
  • Lone Worker Support
  • Outdoor Tracking 
  • Indoor Tracking

Safer, more responsive communications & advanced tracking are ready and waiting to support your business infrastructure

Equip your teams with reliable, instant communications and lone worker protection
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Locate your team with indoor and outdoor tracking for swift response to situations
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Provide your teams with Bodycams to obtain video evidence of incidents

Body Worn Cameras

Ensure that your staff feel safe and protect them against disputes. Record live video footage and audio,  provide a direct line of radio communication between teams and deter potential threats from the public with the presense of Body worn cameras.


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Asset Tracking Solutions

Our asset tracking solution, Foretrack Connect, can improve the security of your assets whether they are motorised or non motorised, as well as help you with their servicing and maintenance.

Foretrack Connect is a flexible tracking platform that works to support your business infrastructure with a variety of different trackers from GPS, Bluetooth, 3G/4G LTE and WiFi.

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PoC Radios

Push to talk over cellular (PoC) radios are a popular and reliable way to give your staff unlimited communications.

These solutions now enable you to combine
advanced smartphone technology with many two-way radio features over 3G, 4G, 5G or WiFi networks, using your team's existing Android or IOS mobile phones.


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Lone Worker Support

Protect your lone worker staff with the correct communication and tracking solutions to ensure that they are never alone.

Our solutions are designed for everyone who performs activity without close or direct supervision of others such as healthcare visitors, maintenance workers or employees working out of standard working hours.


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Communication, Safety & Compliance

  • Live indoor & outdoor location tracking: locate your security and facilities staff in an instant
  • Secure communication over radio or cellular networks
  • Building & structure monitoring – temperature, air quality, presence, occupancy, energy, noise, door opening, weather and environmental conditions
  • Security & access control – CCTV, Entry/Exit
  • Automated alerts for cleaning schedules and presence of key operational staff
  • Lone worker protection
  • Body Cams for evidence gathering for customer/staff conflicts

Contact us to discuss your specific operational challenges and we'll work with you to design a solution tailored to your exact requirements and budget.

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Empower Energy Case Study

Asset Tracking & Business Communication

Industry Sector: Infrastructure

Empower Energy, headquartered in Ringwood, Hampshire, stands as a pioneering force in the renewable energy sector.

Empower were keen to increase their fleet monitoring with real time location insights to help make informed decisions about resources and streamline their processes to get engineers to customers faster.

Foresolutions supported Empower to deploy 20 advanced telematics vehicle camera systems, including dual cameras across their fleet.

The devices were seamlessly integrated with Foresolution’s own software, Foretrack Connect featuring multiwork SIMs and storage. 6 user profiles were established with pre-built reports to maximise on analytics and reporting ability.