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We have tailored solutions to meet your needs, whether you operate a fleet of cars, vans, or trucks, have trailers based in depots around the country, use or lease plant and agricultural equipment, distribute refrigerated goods, or employ lone workers.

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Vehicle Tracking

Find out where your vehicles are at any time, using your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Check back through historical trips and other telemetry data.

Receive e-mail and SMS alerts when important events occur. Analyse vehicle activity and generate powerful reports.

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Fleet Management

Monitor driving behaviour to help reduce fuel consumption and increase safety. Manage regular activities such as servicing, insurance, and tax.

A comprehensive range of fuel management functions improve efficiency and help reduce costs.

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Trailer Tracking

Our trailer tracking technology can help you manage your pool of trailers, improving utilisation and security.

Designed to continue working without external power for extended periods of time, it can also detect when doors are opened and closed.

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Asset Tracking

Track your plant equipment and remote assets with our range of asset tracking hardware, including battery and solar powered devices.

Automatically disable or enable equipment at set times during the week to prevent unauthorised use.

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Carrier Refrigeration

Foretrack have worked closely with Carrier Transicold for 10 years are the only telematics company in the UK that is able to connect directly to their refrigeration units, as well via the DataCOLD interfaces.

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Lone Workers

Fulfil your duty of care to your lone workers with our personal location solution.

Detect falls automatically and respond to panic events with our small, light personal tracking devices.

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