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Stay in perfect control of your fleet. Cut emissions and create savings. Get deep insights into your day-to-day usage. Delivered by a people-friendly team who will look after you.

With Foretrack Connect you can track your vehicles in real time using your computer, your tablet, or your phone.

See the location of your vehicles update automatically on the latest mapping platforms, and receive pop-up, e-mail or SMS alerts to stay informed.

Our smart tracking devices adjust how frequently they report their location according to where and how the vehicles are being driven, so you'll always get an accurate picture of where they are.

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Our Tracker Types

Using the latest cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, combined with market-leading hardware, our solutions enable you to monitor and track your vehicles and - most importantly - get insightful data to improve operational efficiencies, service, safety and profits.

Foretrack Connect is our own bespoke platform that works with a variety of different tracking devices vis the following connectivity options:

  • GPS Tracking
  • BLE Tracking
  • WiFi Tracking
  • Satellite Tracking
  • 5G Tracking
  • 2G, 3G, 4G Tracking
  • IoT Tracking
  • Self Install
  • Battery Powered
  • Low Power WAN
  • Sigfox Tracking


Popular Features of Foretrack Connect


Replay Activity

You can replay whole days or just individual trips and follow vehicle movements on a map. A simple visual summary of daily activity also makes it easy to see what a vehicle has been up to on a given day.

Mark Known Locations

Use virtual fences or geofences to mark locations of interest such as depots or customer sites. We'll show you this information instead of addresses when vehicles are at those locations, and you can get automatic notifications when they arrive or leave.

Monitor Telemetry Data

As well as knowing where your vehicles are at any time, you can also monitor other important information such as refrigeration temperatures, or whether doors have been opened.

You can set up alerts for any data that's collected, so if you want an e-mail every time a vehicle arrives at a destination you can.

Find Nearest Vehicles

If you need to send one of your drivers to a new destination you can easily find the nearest vehicle.

Estimated Time of Arrival

Using our ETA function you can quickly and easily establish accurate ETA’s taking into account real-time traffic information, providing you and your customers with the critical information needed.

What our customers say

As a business we want to deliver the best for our customers, whilst having the safety of our drivers and the public at the forefront of our operations. Implementing the Camera Solutions via Foresolutions has enabled us to support the growth of our business by moving forward with DVS & FORS accreditations. The system gives us the whole picture of how the fleet is operating, location information, increased safety, driver & customer support, insurance assistance which in turn has made us more operationally efficient.

Simon Guest

I’m so pleased with the tracking solution. It was set up really quickly and Foresolutions went out of their way to make sure I had all my custom reporting set up to fulfil our obligations to our insurers and also to make our whole operation run more smoothly. We can now pass on the savings we are making through smarter journey management to our customers.

Sam Hughes-Rowlands

Having peace of mind by knowing that my guys are safe is invaluable. During the summer months they can be working alone out harvesting until midnight. The Foretrack system allows me to log in to locate where they are when moving from field to farm.

Clive Tedbury

Foresolutions Support

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