Asset Tracking Solutions

Benefit from better operational efficiency & enjoy cost savings through seamless asset management with real-time status alerts and accurate, timely data. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, you name it, we can track it!

Get on top of your assets and head off potential issues before they become a costly or potentially dangerous problem

Still on the fence about whether to invest in an asset tracking solution? What would it mean to rid your business of the added time, cost and potential risks involved in having to rely on manual processes to run your operations? 

Whether it's vehicle tracking, tool tracking, plant equipment tracking, hire bicycle tracking at a holiday park or even a set of keys, knowing where your valuable assets are is pretty vital when you're busy organising jobs. 

If you're currently having to fork out to hire or buy replacements when assets go missing, get stolen or break down unexpectedly from misuse, asset tracking can help you monitor usage, see live locations and potential threats before they become a problem.

Our Foretrack Connect SaaS asset tracking software is quick to install and fully customisable to work with a wide variety of trackers and can be set up with custom alerts bespoke to your requirements. 

Say hello to slick asset management, a safer working environment & operational efficiencies with Foretrack Connect

Asset Tracking_Left__callsupport
Improve customer service - update your customers in real time to offer superior service levels
Asset Tracking_middle__inv_magmt
Reduce unforeseen operational costs with better inventory management
Asset Tracking_right_compliance
Use asset tracking to meet safety and compliance standards across your operations

Our asset tracking solutions are designed to improve business performance whilst fitting easily into your operations

We offer:

  • Super quick install 
  • Self install options
  • Money back 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty available
  • Flexible contracts
  • Access via desktop or mobile


Asset Tracking Solutions

An example asset tracking solution for construction 

See how various use cases can be combined to provide a fully integrated tracking solution


Asset Tracking Use Cases

Whilst many people just think vehicles when we talk about GPS tracking, there is so much more to today's asset tracking capabilities.  Whilst traditional GPS tracking is still a major part of our portfolio, other technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) trackers are providing additional functionality for flexible indoor and outdoor settings. Here's a summary of our various solutions:


Our simple approach will get you started on the path to the right solution quickly and easily

Initial no-obligation intro call

We’ll ask you some questions about your business and key priorities to help us find the right solutions.

Personalised Proposal

We’ll send you an outline proposal of a solution that addresses your key pain points pitched at your specified user profiles.

Custom Solution Icon@1X
Solution Design & Deploy

Once the proposal is agreed we’ll progress with the tracker installation, software set-up & any customisations.

Foretrack Connect Asset Tracking Software Features

Geofencing Icon@1X

Define areas of interest and generate critical data, such as alerts when an asset or individual leaves a specific location.

Alerts Icon@1X

Never miss a beat with immediate notification via email or SMS, letting you know when critical occurrences have  taken place.

Speed Analysis Icon@1X
Speed Analysis

Ensure your mobile assets are travelling legally with speed limit checks against each road on their journey.

Analytics Icon@1X

Knowledge is power.  Our analytics tools allow you to dissect your data and generate practical, simple-to-interpret reports.

Driver Behaviour Icon@1X
Driver Behaviour

Ensure that vehicles are driven safely and efficiently, with driver monitoring that can even save money on insurance premiums.

Driver ID Icon@1X
Driver ID

Always know who’s behind the wheel with driver identification, authorisation and even private/business trip differentiation. You can even immobilise your vehicles if required.

Vehicle Telematics Icon@1X
Vehicle Telematics

Fleet management made exceptional.  We can connect directly to on-board vehicle computers to deliver data such as engine RPM, fuel consumption & wheel-based speed.

Fuel Monitoring Icon@1X
Fuel Monitoring

Keep tabs on individual fuel use and even detect fuel theft from your vehicles.

Time Scheudles Icon@1X
Time Schedules

Keep your assets operating like clockwork with time schedules that reflect shift and working patterns, ensuring that alerts are received by the right person, at the right time.

Scheduled Actions Icon@1X
Scheduled Actions

Prevent theft and misuse by sending commands to assets at specific times, such as overnight immobilisation.

Reminders Icon@1X

Keep track of important actions, such as servicing and insurance requirements, with simple-to-streamline reminders across a host of individual assets.

Mpbile Apps Icon@1X
Mobile Apps

There’s no need to  be glued to a desk.  Access information on-the-go with tailor-made iOS,  Android and  Windows apps.

Mpbile Apps Icon@1X
Garmin Sat-Navs

Harness the power of a Garmin Sat-Nav system that’s connected to bespoke driver and vehicle management options, such as instant messaging and arrival tracking.

Vehicle Camera Icon@1X
In-Vehicle Cameras

Keep a close eye on your assets by recording events both inside and outside of your vehicles.

Security Monitoring Icon@1X
Security Monitoring

Keep assets under a virtual lock-and-key, with flexible permissions, authorised drivers and restricted access, all at your fingertips.

Back Office Integration Icon@1X
Back Office Integration

Seamlessly connect your own internal systems with our APIs, allowing for a deeper level of integration and even more flexibility in the type of data you wish to use.

Case Study

Advance Construction

Industry Sector: Construction
Advance construction small

ACS operate a mixed fleet of cars, vans, and minibuses, as well as plant equipment. The flexible grouping functionality in the Foretrack system gives them visibility of their workforce in several different ways. So for example, they can get an overview for all tippers at once, or all assets working on a particular contract. As each vehicle can be in multiple groups the system adapts to fit their needs, instead of them having to adapt their business to fit the system.

The Foretrack system also helps ACS manage timesheets and billing, a complicated task with such a large workforce working across multiple projects.


Foretrack work closely with us to add new features and create bespoke reports, helping us reduce administration costs and achieve other savings across the business.

Gareth Mollan, Advance Construction

What our customers say

“Having peace of mind by knowing that my guys are safe is invaluable. During the summer months they can be working alone out harvesting until midnight. The Foretrack system allows me to log in to locate where they are when moving from field to farm.”  

Clive Tedbury

"The Foretrack system is a key part of our business operations, giving us real-time control and visibility of our fleet.

Foresolutions work closely with us to add new features and create bespoke reports, helping us reduce administration costs and achieve other savings across the business."

Gareth Mollan

"The Foresolutions system is priceless! The return on investment in the first year has been approx 23 times, I am about to implement this on the rest of the fleet and continue to work with the team at Foresolutions using technology to improve our business."

Chris Lynch