Our solution's comprehensive range of features allow you to create a tracking solution which is truly bespoke. Whether you need to monitor a single asset or 100, you can retain complete control. What's more, you will get comprehensive, automated, crystal-clear reporting – while spending less time on administrative activities!


Define areas of interest and generate critical data, such as alerts when an asset or individual leaves a specific location.

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Never miss a beat with immediate notification via email or SMS, letting you know when critical occurrences have taken place.

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Ensure your mobile assets are travelling legally with speed limit checks against each road on their journey.

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Knowledge is power. Our analytics tools allow you to dissect your data and generate practical, simple-to-interpret reports.

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Driving Behaviour

Ensure that vehicles are driven safely and efficiently, with driver monitoring that can even save money on insurance premiums.

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Driver Identification

Always know who’s behind the wheel with driver identification, authorisation and even private/business trip differentiation. You can even immobilise your vehicles if required.

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Vehicle Telematics

Fleet management made exceptional. We can connect directly to on-board vehicle computers to deliver data such as engine RPM, fuel consumption and wheel-based speed.

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Fuel Monitoring

Keep tabs on individual fuel use and even detect fuel theft from your vehicles.

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Time Schedules

Keep your assets operating like clockwork with time schedules that reflect shift and working patterns, ensuring that alerts are received by the right person, at the right time.

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Scheduled Actions

Prevent theft and misuse by sending commands to assets at specific times, such as overnight immobilisation.

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Keep track of important actions, such as servicing and insurance requirements, with simple-to-streamline reminders across a host of individual assets.

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Mobile Apps

There’s no need to be glued to a desk. Access information on-the-go with tailor-made iOS and Android apps.

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Garmin Sat-Navs

Harness the power of a Garmin Sat-Nav system that’s connected to bespoke driver and vehicle management options, such as instant messaging and arrival tracking.

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In-Vehicle Cameras

Keep a close eye on your assets by recording events both inside and outside of your vehicles.

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Keep assets under a virtual lock-and-key, with flexible permissions, authorised drivers and restricted access, all at your fingertips.

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​​​​​​​Back Office Integration

Seamlessly connect your own internal systems with our APIs, allowing for a deeper level of integration and even more flexibility in the type of data you wish to use.

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