Fleet Management

If you’re operating a fleet of vehicles Foretrack FLEET and Foretrack FLEET PRO can help you reduce costs and improve efficiency in many different ways.

Improve Driving Behaviour

There are lots of good reasons for understanding how your vehicles are being driven. Drivers that brake harshly or floor the accelerator when moving away will use more fuel as well as potentially increase their risk of being involved in an accident.

Your vehicles may also be seen by hundreds of people every day, including potential customers, so the way they're driven can affect your brand and reputation. Other drivers are more likely to relate stories of how they're cut up by an Acme Ltd van.

Our comprehensive driving behaviour functionality lets you set targets for a variety of different driving behaviour metrics, and monitor how drivers perform against them on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Get Reminders For Servicing & Tax

It can be difficult to keep on top of different servicing schedules and other tasks such as tax renewals as the number of vehicles in your fleet increases.

With our automatic reminders you're warned of upcoming tasks in advance and are able to schedule them in at a convenient time. We monitor odometers so reminders can be based on the distance travelled by each vehicle, as well as time-based intervals.


Monitor Fuel Usage

Fuel is a significant direct cost for any business that operates vehicles. Monitoring your fuel usage can help identify higher than expected consumption, whether that's down to older inefficient vehicles or how they're being driven. We can also take fuel level readings directly from vehicles and compare these with fuel card records to identify fuel theft or misappropriation.

Analyse Data

Modern vehicles are full of technology and data, we can extract some of this information by reading the vehicle CANbus and make it readily available to you. This can help you understand fuel consumption or CO2 emissions, as well as accurate odometer readings and other important information about how the vehicle is being driven, such as high engine revs.

Even if you don't wish to hook up to CANbus, our comprehensive suite of reports will provide you with a much greater insight of your fleet.

Connect To The Cab

With our Garmin™ integration you can communicate directly with a sat nav device in the vehicle itself. You can provide the driver with a list of destinations to visit, get regular updates on their progress and estimated time of arrival, as well as message back and forth.

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