Driver Identification

For shared use vehicles, driver identification can tell you which individual was driving a vehicle at a particular time. This might be useful if a speeding ticket is received, or if you need to reconcile trips with drivers rather than vehicles.

Our driver identification functionality allows drivers to easily register themselves before setting off, so that their details are automatically associated with that trip.

The most popular method of registering simply requires the driver to briefly hold an iButton fob against a small terminal discretely installed in the vehicle. Drivers can also sign into Garmin sat-navs as well to identify themselves.

Authorised Drivers

Driver identification can also be used to authorise that a driver is able to use a vehicle or asset. This can be useful if it isn't practical to restrict key access, so even if a driver has the keys they can only start the vehicle if their personal fob has also also been authorised.

Business & Personal Trips

Drivers can also use the iButton fobs to easily identify trips as either business or personal, which can help you keep accurate records for tax purposes.


Sometimes you may want to suspend location reporting, essentially turning off the tracking facility temporarily. This might be because a driver is able to use a company vehicle for personal use at weekends but wishes to keep their movements private, or a manager may be making a visit to a sensitive location that other employees shouldn't know about.

Privacy mode can be enabled and disabled either by the driver using an iButton fob inside the vehicle, or by an authorised user remotely via the website. Scheduled actions can allow this to be done automatically at set times during the week too.

When privacy mode is active, the location of the vehicle is not recorded so it can't be viewed either at the time or retrospectively, for example in reports.

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