Garmin Sat-navs

Our service helps you interact with your drivers throughout the day by connecting to in-cab Garmin satellite navigation (sat-nav) units. As well as sending destination information to your drivers, you can also send and receive messages too.

Driver Management

Drivers are identified by a name and password when they sign into the Garmin unit. This links up to our standard driver identification functionality and will ensure the correct driver is associated with each trip the vehicle makes.

Vehicle Management

You can create custom forms that drivers can use to record information such as daily inspections, or additional data that should be recorded with each delivery.

Job Management

You can send jobs down to each unit from the website and the Garmin unit can sort them into the most efficient route.

And you can easily keep on top of estimated arrival times from the website.

Your drivers can mark a job as completed when they arrive at each destination.


Messaging is bi-directional and avoids any SMS costs. You can create a set of pre-defined responses that make it easy for your drivers to respond by pressing the appropriate option.

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