We have over 50 different types of report in our analytics module that help you make sense of the information captured from your vehicles. From something as simple as listing trips made by each of your vehicles or geofences they've visited; to something a bit more complex like driver timesheets or historical proximity to a given location – we've got it covered.

It's easy to discover the information you need without having to design your own reports or write complicated queries – simply provide values for relevant parameters.

You can save parameter values as a template making it easy to run the same report again in future.

As well as traditional table-style reports in Excel, we also offer more graphical reports that help you visualise vehicle activity over time. Almost all reports can be scheduled to be e-mailed automatically to you, either daily, weekly, or monthly as appropriate.

In the unlikely event you can't find the information you're looking for with one of our existing reports, just ask and we may be able to develop a bespoke report that meets your needs.

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