Trailer Tracking

The tracking technology in Foretrack TRAILER works with flatbed, drop-deck, or refrigerated trailers.

Energy Efficient

Tracking trailers can present some difficult technical challenges. Power is normally provided by the cab or tractor unit, so when trailers are disconnected and standing idle – the time when you need to know where they are most – no power is available for the tracking devices to use.

We have a number of different ways of addressing the power issue. Our devices have high capacity batteries and smart power management so they can operate autonomously for up to 6 months, recharging automatically when the trailer is hooked up to a cab or tractor unit.

Our solar powered units also have rechargeable batteries and use the sun to keep them topped up so they continue working indefinitely.

Robust & Waterproof

Tracking devices also need to be robust and waterproof, as they're typically installed externally. Our devices are small and IP-rated, so they can endure the harshest of conditions. Our solar powered units are even designed to fit within the corrugations of standard shipping containers.

Gain A Deeper Insight

Our analytics functionality can help you understand your utilisation, identifying trailers that are surplus to requirements or those that might be better deployed at a different depot.

Knowing where your trailers are helps with planning maintenance and inspections.

See when doors are opened and closed, and potentially identify criminal activity.

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