Body Cams

Rugged, drop-proof, IP67-rated body cameras

There is no denying the rise in popularity of body cams. Rapidly developing technology means that security staff are able to film in full HD, send out an alert if they are in danger and easily communicate with colleagues. All from a device that could be as small as a business card.

The presence of a body worn camera alone acts as a deterrent for many would-be violent or confrontational individuals. Not only can footage be used as evidence in both criminal and civil proceedings, but it can also be used for the training and development of staff for the future.

Who Needs Body Cams?

Body cameras are heavily utilised by those in the security industry, however, we are also seeing a rising interest in body cam usage amongst construction staff, train guards, event stewards, bailiffs, healthcare workers and even parking attendants.

Should I purchase or hire Body Cameras?

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It has been evidenced that the presence of recording equipment alters human behaviour. Using body worn cameras can defuse and de-escalate potentially volatile situations, reduce complaints against staff and act as a visual deterrent to those seeking to cause harm or distress.

The combined benefits of body-worn camera devices will contribute to a more efficient workflow with associated cost savings, reduced complaints and incidents, higher staff morale and a secure evidential recording system you can rely on means less time wasted, giving you the freedom to focus on running your business.

Body worn cameras provide audio, video and still image recordings which are fully admissible as evidence in both criminal and civil proceedings; with their specialist design forming secure chain of custody.

Staff Safety
The visual deterrent of the device can reduce the number of confrontational situations staff encounter, leading to improved worker health and safety. Better working conditions promote confidence in both the employer and the employee; thereby boosting staff morale and reducing absences.

Body Warn Cameras

The Guarantee

We offer a money back guarantee if this solution doesn’t meet your agreed needs. We will ask you to simply return the kit and then a full refund will be provided*.

*Subject to terms and conditions.

Should I Purchase or Hire Body Cameras?

There are many advantages to hiring equipment from us:

You’ll only pay for the period of time you need the units

You don’t need to source storage for them when not in use

You won’t need to arrange regular maintenance

You can always hire the most advanced and up-to-date equipment.

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