Lone Workers - putting safety first

If you have employees that work alone in dangerous or isolated areas or deal with high-risk individuals or groups, you have a duty of care for the safety of those lone workers. Our solutions are designed for everyone who performs activity without close or direct supervision of others: for example healthcare visitors, maintenance workers, lone workers or employees working out of standard working hours.

With Foretrack LONE WORKER solutions, you can issue these employees with a selection of communication devices with specific lone worker protection features, plus we also offer a small tracking device that they can put in their pocket or on a lanyard. As well as allowing you to know where they are, they can use a built-in panic button to raise an alert if a problem occurs or they feel in danger.

The panic event can also automatically send an alert to notify a wider group of people, allowing them to attend the scene as soon as possible.

Fall Detection

Often referred to as "man down" alerts, the device can also detect if lone workers suffer a fall and automatically report the location and initiate a phone call to a designated number. The sensitivity of the device can be adjusted, but in the unlikely event that a fall is incorrectly detected the lone worker may cancel the call before it's initiated.

Make & Receive Voice Calls

The user can make and receive normal voice calls. These can be restricted to a set of pre-defined numbers, preventing unauthorised or personal calls from being made.

Multiple ways to protect your lone workers

HP705 web tile
Traditional DMR Radio

DMR radios offer a wide range of features ideal for lone worker protection. The latest models include multiple emergency and communication features.

  • Emergency Button 
  • Pre-warning alert (minimising false alarms)
  • Heartbeat messaging (Positive confirmation of communications link)
  • Position reporting
  • GPS report 
PNC550 web tile
PoC Radio

PNC550 is a smart POC radio integrating smart phone and professional Push-to-Talk function over cellular. users can call for help with one touch.

  • Online Dispatcher – Emergency Notification
  • Cross Device notification (PNC550 Display on Map)
  • Location Tracking and History
  • Rugged Design
  • Dedicated PTT & Emergency Button
VM580d web tile
Body Worn Cameras

Body Worn Cameras offer a multi-function solution combining video footage with communication, tracking and emergency alerts. One device for all.

  • Positioning & Tracking
  • Historical track playback
  • Emergency Button
  • Live Stream to improve situational awareness

Personal Trackers

GH5200 is an AUTONOMOUS personal tracker with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity.

The tracker offers high quality voice communication, programmable LED indications and 1050mAh battery to meet latest legislation for lone workers safety and protection.


Device Feature Comparison Checklist

Lone worker features comparison table3
FTC Lone worker screen

The Foretrack Connect Platform for Lone Workers

Your lone worker tracking devices will all be configured on our very own web-based tracking portal, Foretrack Connect. From here you can log in and keep tabs on your workers and set up custom notifications for any alerts to danger or an emergency.

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