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Our solutions span business communications, asset tracking and IoT. Overcome your operational challenges with technology that works seamlessly across your site's indoor and outdoor spaces to provide additional features to protect lone workers, enhance the space for customers and keep things running smoothly.

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Enjoy a robust indoor and outdoor tracking and communications set-up.

At Foresolutions we've worked with a variety of Shopping Centres & Retail outlets to solve their business operational problems with a range of communications and asset tracking applications.

Our customers enjoy a full appraisal of their business and robust identification of where solutions can be deployed to help improve customer experience, facilities management, live live location tracking tracking, space management, team communications, safety and compliance.

Here are just a few of the different technologies and hardware we have in our armoury to get you working smarter:

  • Two-way radios
  • Wireless headsets
  • Body cams
  • Business Mobiles
  • Outdoor Tracking 
  • Indoor Tracking 


Safer, more efficient centre operations are just a call away

Equip your security teams with reliable, instant communication and lone worker protection
Know where all your team is with live indoor and outdoor location tracking for swift response to situations
Provide retail workers with clear, instant wireless comms to improve customer service and efficiency
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Centre safety, compliance and customer experience are our key focus

  • Live indoor & outdoor location tracking: locate your security and facilities staff in an instant
  • Secure radio communication over radio or cellular networks
  • Wireless headsets or two-way radios for price checks, stock availability, floor management, safety alerts, spills, loss prevention & security
  • Building & structure monitoring – temperature, air quality, presence, occupancy, energy, noise, door opening, weather and environmental conditions
  • People counting, safe distancing
  • Security & access control – CCTV, Entry/Exit
  • Automated alerts for cleaning schedules and presence of key operational staff
  • Lone worker protection
  • Evidence gathering for customer/staff conflicts

Contact us to discuss your specific operation challenges and we'll work with you to design a solution tailored to your exact requirements and budget.

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Golden Square Case Study

Golden Square Shopping Centre

Industry Sector: Shopping Centres
Golden Sqaure team

Foresolutions LTD has been working with Golden Square shopping centre to upgrade their 2-way radio system and provide additional tracking solutions for their facilities management team.

Golden Square is a large shopping centre in Warrington that houses 136 retail outlets. Stephen Lynskey, the centre director, was keen to upgrade their conventional two-way radio system to give them added benefits. At a time when many stores were closed, the facilities management team still needed to ensure that the centre’s facilities were open for essential stores, and the team needed to be equipped with a communication system that would offer additional functionality to manage the new challenges presented by Covid-19.

At Foresolutions we have years of experience in GPS tracking solutions. Taking this and deploying it alongside an
indoor Bluetooth network of 300 sensor beacons using PTToC technology, we were able to provide a robust indoor and outdoor tracking and communications set-up. Although having been around for a few years now, PTToC is a
relatively new technology in terms of adoption, and shopping centres like Golden Square are perfectly positioned to benefit from the increased location accuracy it provides. Now the team at Golden Square can locate people and assets quickly to a more finite location, even pinpointing which level in the centre someone is. This approach has given
Golden Square a true live tracking facility. This ensures absolute safety, quick response times, more accurate service check in from cleaners and security, plus more efficient job dispatch.

"Our radio system needed an upgrade, plus we wanted to use technology to give us increased capabilities to keep track of maintenance tasks and the whereabouts of key personnel, from site security through to cleaners and centre managers."

Foresolutions were able to bring their expertise to create a setup that uses one main communications device to act as a radio, mobile phone and tracking unit that uses a range of connectivity options to give us a robust, reliable business communications solution.

Stephen Lynskey , Golden Square