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We help you to improve your site operations, provide a better quality of environment and work to a sustainable agenda with technology that works seamlessly to enhance your site for pupils, teachers, management and visitors.

Smart, sustainable & efficient facilities management is our specialism

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Manage environments
  • To ensure health, safety and well-being
  • Monitor temperature and air quality
  • Save energy by understanding use of space
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Site Maintenance
  • Maintenance equipment tracking
  • Reliable, indoor & outdoor communications
  • Improve processes & drive efficiency
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Pupil Wellbeing
  • Campus security monitoring
  • Accommodation health & safety compliance
  • Inventory management

Enjoy a robust indoor and outdoor tracking, monitoring and communications set-up.

At Foresolutions we've worked with a variety of Facilities Managers within the education sector to solve their operational problems with a range of IoT, communications and asset tracking applications.

As we live in an age where costs are spiralling and the urgency to operate more sustainably are high on the agenda, our expertise is in deploying technology to automate and regulate more processes to cut costs, protect people and provide a more efficient service.

Our customers enjoy a full appraisal of their requirements and robust identification of where solutions can be deployed to help improve the following aspects of day to day operations:

  • Facilities management
  • Environment quality
  • Space management
  • Staff communications
  • Pupil & staff safety
  • Compliance

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Here are just a few of the different ways we can use technology to get you working smarter:

  • Temperature monitoring 
  • Automated occupancy monitoring & reporting
  • Monitor air quality, energy usage and carbon footprint
  • Moisture sensors for leak detection and prevention of costly damage
  • Indoor & outdoor tracking for logistics assets, service vehicles, maintenance equipment and other valuable assets
  • Two-way communications solutions across traditional radio and cellular networks

The ESG Agenda: environmental, social & governance 

In today’s global arena, setting an ESG Strategy is seen as an important benchmark for how responsible organisations operate. A successful ESG strategy covers the three main pillars of sustainability: Environment, Social, and Governance. IoT is a great enabler to measure your impact.

ESG & IoT - Perfect Partners

Radios & Bodycams

Communication & Evidence Capture Made Simple

  • We're experts in two-way digital radio and Push To Talk Over Cellular (PoC/PTToC) technology
  • Body worn cameras to protect your staff and patients 
  • A choice of devices to meet differing coverage considerations
Should I upgrade?
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Case Study

Ringwood School

Industry Sector: Education
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Sam Coombes is the Facilities Manager at Ringwood School, overseeing all site and facility related issues and practices, including new build and refurbishment projects. Sam was looking for a systems provider local to the school with a good reputation who was well versed in the business communications sector. 

Ringwood School use a radio system to allow around 25 users to communicate quickly around the school. They have a vast campus comprising 13 buildings and nearly 18 acres, and they needed a solution which would work reliably both indoors and outdoors. Previous 2-way radio systems have struggled internally on the site, as the age of some buildings mean walls are 2ft thick concrete. Another problem with the existing PMR radio solution was that it picks up the channels of the neighbouring Leisure Centre who could also hear school communications. A new solution needed to be put in place for Data Protection reasons, to ensure that all interaction reminded within the school premises.

As we started to work through Sam’s requirements it soon became apparent that our ability to offer alternative communication and tracking technology could provide even more value and a more robust response in addition to the two-way radio route.


“We are delighted that we were able to demonstrate the value of an integrated solution that now delivers so much more functionality and reassurance for Sam and the team at Ringwood School. All of their needs were met with our out of the box solutions, however we also have the flexibility to integrate into other systems to provide a tailored solution. Many schools and education establishments have been using two-way radio technology for years, however not all are aware of the improvements that have been made recently, the value of upgrading their equipment and the benefits of working with a business communications, IoT and tracking specialist such as ourselves to help identify further improvements that the right tech can bring to facilities and communications management.”

Tom Ross , CEO, Foresolutions

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The Foresolutions Way

Connected Business: Performance, Visibility, Control

Foresolutions helps business operations professionals join the dots between people, processes and data to improve performance through the use of technology.  We do this by focusing on delivering a great experience, not just products and services.

Our vision is to make technology better for businesses and the people using it.

Contact us to discuss your specific operational challenges and we'll work with you to design a solution tailored to your exact requirements and budget.

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