Carrier Refrigeration

Foretrack have worked closely with Carrier Transicold for 10 years. We are the only telematics company in the UK that is able to connect to the DataCOLD 500 and DataCOLD 600 units, as well as directly to the refrigeration unit. This means you can access much more information, including:

  • Multiple temperature probe readings
  • Multiple compartment setpoint details
  • Running mode information
  • Compartment statuses
  • Defrost statuses
  • Back and side door statuses
  • Running and service hour meters
  • Warning alarms


Carrier Transicold

You can quickly and easily check on the current status across your fleet with our powerful overview screen, showing current temperatures, compartment state, as well as location.

Historical Charts

Check on historical temperature readings and setpoint information with our interactive charts. They also show the state of the back and side doors too if this information is applicable.

Better Servicing & Maintenance

Engine and standby hours are both recorded directly from the refrigeration unit so you can rely on accurate information. This allows detailed monitoring of service intervals, which can be reported on by using our dedicated report.

Mobile App

Our mobile app provides a dedicated refrigeration interface where you can check on current temperatures and set points, the status of each compartment, as well details of any alarms, whilst you're on the move.

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