Battery Powered Asset Tracking Solutions

Benefit from better operational efficiency & enjoy cost savings with our industry leading battery-powered asset tracking devices, with a battery life of up to 10+ years.

Whether the assets you need to track are powered or non-powered, used indoors or outdoors, we can track them.

Benefit from better operational efficiency & enjoy cost savings through seamless asset management with real-time status alerts and accurate, timely data. 

Using the latest scalable technology, combined with market-leading hardware, our battery powered tracking devices enable customers to monitor all their assets and - most importantly - get insightful data to improve operational efficiencies, service, security and profits.

  • Industry leading battery life
  • Easy & affordable Installation
  • Smart Energy Usage
  • Mobile Friendly Solution

Our battery powered asset tracking devices are quick to install, concealable for security and can be set up with custom alerts and reports bespoke to your business requirements. 

Say hello to discreet asset management, a smart energy device & personalised reports with battery powered asset trackers.


Our Trackers are optimised to run seamlessly for up to 10+ years with quick and efficient installation, scalable to businesses of any size.

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Battery powered trackers work anywhere, with no set up or new infrastructure required for instant connectivity. 


Track your assets easily on a mobile friendly platform. Use custom reports, alerts and adaptive tracking features to monitor your assets.

Using the latest scalable technology, combined with market-leading hardware, our battery powered tracking devices enable customers to monitor all their assets.


  • Quick installation
  • Easy to deploy
  • Robust & rugged design
  • Small & Concealable
  • Waterproof
  • Long Lasting Battery 10+ years
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Asset Tracking Use Cases

Whilst many businesses may automatically think of vehicles when we talk about GPS tracking, there is so much more to today's battery powered asset tracking capabilities.  

  • Plant Machinery
  • Skips
  • Cranes
  • Tools
  • Trailers
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Portable Toilets
  • Livestock
  • Vehicles
  • Hire Bikes
  • Lone Workers 

Our simple approach will get you started on the path to the right solution quickly and easily

Initial no-obligation intro call

We’ll ask you some questions about your business and key priorities to help us find the right solutions.

Personalised Proposal

We’ll send you an outline proposal of a solution that addresses your key pain points pitched at your specified user profiles.

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Solution Design & Deploy

Once the proposal is agreed we’ll progress with the tracker installation, software set-up & any customisations.

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Battery Powered Asset Tracking Features

Geofencing Icon@1X

Define areas of interest and generate critical data, such as alerts when an asset or individual leaves a specific location.

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Custom Alerts

Choose alerts for critical occurrences that suit your business priorities and receive them via SMS or the mobile friendly app notifications.

Analytics Icon@1X

Build your own reports and analyse data collected into the cloud by the battery powered tracking devices.

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Mobile Friendly Platform

There’s no need to  be glued to a desk.  Access information on-the-go with tailor-made iOS,  Android and  Windows apps.

Case Study

Watatunga Wildlife Reserve

Industry Sector: Wildlife Park + Zoos
Watatunga Safari Buggy

Watatunga Wildlife Reserve is an award-winning wildlife reserve offering a unique opportunity to experience a safari in Norfolk. Dedicated to the conservation of endangered deer, antelope and birds, Watatunga Wildlife Reserve allows visitors to learn about the animals and stunning scenery from their own electric buggy, which they drive on guided tours. 

Foresolutions provided battery powered trackers for the animals in the reserve. They used features such as geo fencing to ensure that staff were alerted if an animal strays outside of the enclosures.

Trackers were also installed on all of the safari buggys so that the reserve could monitor tours and ensure that buggys were available at the correct times.



The support from Simon and the Foresolutions team have enabled me to get so much more insight into the behaviours of the park animals and also help operate the tours much more efficiently with the buggy trackers. I look forward to continuing the studies indefinitely.

Edward Pope, Founder

What our customers say

“Having peace of mind by knowing that my guys are safe is invaluable. During the summer months they can be working alone out harvesting until midnight. The Foretrack system allows me to log in to locate where they are when moving from field to farm.”  

Clive Tedbury

"The Foretrack system is a key part of our business operations, giving us real-time control and visibility of our fleet.

Foresolutions work closely with us to add new features and create bespoke reports, helping us reduce administration costs and achieve other savings across the business."

Gareth Mollan

"The Foresolutions system is priceless! The return on investment in the first year has been approx 23 times, I am about to implement this on the rest of the fleet and continue to work with the team at Foresolutions using technology to improve our business."

Chris Lynch