Enhance Security

As well as greatly increasing the chance of recovering a stolen vehicle, our system also offers a number of other security-related benefits.

Driver Identification & Authorisation

If drivers in your organisation move between vehicles, it can be difficult to keep a proper record of who is driving which vehicle at any given point in time. This is particularly important when you're dealing with a historical event, perhaps a speeding ticket or third party insurance claim.

Our driver identification features allow drivers to identify themselves when they're using a vehicle with a small, inexpensive key fob and discreet terminal inside the vehicle.

Secure Your Vehicles

Combine driver identification with vehicle or asset immobilisation to ensure they can only be started by authorised drivers or operators. Authorised drivers are managed remotely, so you don't need to have physical access to add or remove authorised drivers.

Door switches on trailers detect when doors are opened and closed and can alert you to suspicious activity.

Locate Remote Assets

Plant security can be a target for thieves after the working day is finished. Our calendar-based immobilisation feature can be used to immobilise a plant asset on evenings and weekends for example. We can also send an alert to your phone as soon as an asset leaves a secure area, greatly increasing the chance of successfully recovery.

Fulfil Your Duty Of Care

Every employer has a legal obligation to ensure that risks involved with employees who work on their own are properly assessed, and practical measures are put in place where possible to mitigate those risks.

Our lone worker solution can help you fulfil these obligations by monitoring the location of your remote employees, and potentially providing them with a panic button they can use should an emergency arise.

Improve Driver Safety

Gain an insight into how your vehicles are driven by educating your drivers on areas where they can improve their driving behaviour.

Protect Against Insurance Fraud

An accurate history of where your vehicles have been as well as how they're driven, helps identify bogus insurance claims from third parties. Our in-vehicle cameras can also avoid fraudulent cash for crash payouts, where a vehicle ahead suddenly brakes to intentionally cause a collision.

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