Improve Efficiency

Improving your efficiency can free up resources and enable your business to run more smoothly. The Foretrack system can help improve your efficiency in various ways.

Manage Maintenance

Maintaining a large fleet can be a time consuming exercise. We have several features available which can help you reduce maintenance workload.


Reminders can be flagged on the system or emailed as a report, detailing vehicles that need servicing soon based on elapsed time or distance travelled. This avoids the need for a fleet operator to manually check each vehicle each week, which can be very time consuming and sometimes impractical.

Monitor Vehicle Odometers

Some of our customers lease vehicles based on distance. Our odometer report can be used to monitor the remaining life of your vehicles. When approaching a specific distance (100,000 miles for example) you can replace leased vehicles with newer, more reliable models.

Automate Timesheets

It can be difficult and time consuming to accurately collate timesheets and validate overtime, particularly if your organisation has a large workforce. Our built-in reports can ease this burden and help you deal with customer queries more effectively.

Powerful Analytics

Our powerful analytics engine produces over 50 different types of report that can summarise what's happening across your fleet. A built-in scheduling facility means reports can be waiting in your inbox at the start of the day or week, so you can get to work on them straight away.

One example is our activity report that gives a visual representation of how your fleet is being used, helping you to easily identify under-utilised vehicles or abnormal patterns of activity.

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