Real-time Control

Real-time control means having accurate information at your fingertips, allowing you to make informed decisions. Whether that's confirming if a vehicle has arrived at its destination, checking the current location of your plant equipment, or reacting to a panic alert from one of your lone workers, our system can help.

Frequent Location Updates

Unlike some systems that simply report location every x minutes, our devices are smart and adjust their reporting rate according to where and how vehicles are being driven. For example, when driving around town they use changes in direction so you can see when they turn off onto a different street.

All of our screens with current information also refresh automatically several times a minute so you can see updates as soon as possible.

Who's Nearest?

A question that most businesses with vehicles or remote workers need to answer at some point is 'Who's nearest?'. A vehicle might need to be diverted to make an important collection, or an employee may need help or assistance. Simply enter the address and we'll answer the question for you.

Always Connected

It's not always practical to have someone monitoring everything 24×7, so our system can notify you when important events occur when you’re away from a screen, such as an unauthorised area being entered, or one of your vehicles moving during a curfew period.

Alert notifications can be delivered as SMS messages or e-mails, and our mobile apps let you check what's happening on your smartphone or tablet.

It's Not Just A Location

We can capture so much more information than simply location. You can keep an eye on the temperatures inside your refrigerated units, identify any vehicles exceeding the posted speed limits, or review in-vehicle camera footage if a vehicle may be involved in a collision.

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