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Our solutions are made up of the very best the world has to offer in terms of our supplier partners. We make it our absolute priority to find the partners that offer a great experience for us to work alongside with collaboratively, providing a "Connected Business" experience for our customers.

Our independence means we have the freedom to pick and choose the right hardware and software platforms to deliver a truly bespoke solution that delivers against our customers' objectives. From big players to smaller, innovative specialists, our team seeks out the partners that make a difference.

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Aeris Connectivity Solutions

Aeris is a pioneer and recognised market innovator with a proven history of helping companies around the world to unlock more value from their IoT offerings. To accurately track to assets in transport, we require consistent, reliable connectivity across multiple geographies. Their eSIM is the perfect solution for us as it offers network reliability for precise tracking and monitoring of all connected devices. Connectivity is as guaranteed as it can be, switching networks if the signal strength drops below a defined threshold when travelling outside the geographical coverage area of the home network. This ensures that there is no downtime or loss of signal so that our customers always have visibility into the location and status of their assets.

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Digital Matter Tracking Devices & Sensors

We work with Digital Matter's innovative range of Bluetooth beacon asset tracking and GPS devices. They provide the most rugged, weatherproof and robust solutions for your indoor inventory, asset and tool management, fleet vehicles, and much more. Get the data you need to optimize operations with reporting, protect your equipment from loss and theft and do it all with military spec data security. Bluetooth asset tags and sensors do not require a SIM card or data plan and provide an affordable option for tools, pallets of inventory and small-to mid-sized non-powered tools. The extensive range of GPS trackers and IoT devices with Global Cellular (2G/LTE-M / NB-IoT), LoRoWAN, Sigfox & Bluetooth connectivity are all available from Foresolutions.


Hytera Communications Solutions

Hytera Communications Corporation Limited is a leading global provider of Professional Mobile Radio communications equipment and solutions. As a direct Applications Partner we can provide full access to Hytera's market leading business communications products and technical support resources. Hytera radios and body cams provides fast, safe and reliable connectivity solutions for mission- and business-critical communications. Their solutions enable customers to do more with less, by improving efficiency and raising productivity of day-to-day operations. They are also a highly dependable means of communicating in an emergency, offering a more effective response, as well as keeping staff and the wider public safer.


Microsoft Azure Central IoT Platform

Azure IoT Central is highly secure, scalable IoT app platform that works with your business as it grows, ensures that your investments are repeatable and integrates with your existing business apps. Azure Central offers quick connectivity between IoT devices and the cloud, centralised management to easily reconfigure and update devices and acts as a bridge between business applications and IoT data. Our solutions experts will work with you to configure a wide range of sensors and inputs to configure your IoT solution to your specific requirements on the world's leading IoT platform.


Rigado IoT Kits

The Rigado Presto kit is a pre-integrated set of Bluetooth gateway and sensor devices that make it easy to create IoT applications. The Presto kit can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Azure IoT Central to build dashboards, alerts, and integrations with other applications. You can use the Presto Kit to accelerate the proof-of-concept process for a variety of IoT projects, and work with Foresolutions to convert a solution to pilot or production based on a reference design.

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